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This past season I played all of your top plays in college football. I have been with many so-called experts before.  I just wanted you to know you are the most impressive group I have ever been with.  Not because you did so well, but because you took the time to always make me feel important.
~Ryan Tomalski, NY

It took me 7 years to find you guys and now you have me forever. I use to get your plays from a consensus service in Hawaii. I have made money every season with you. I love your Big 10 games especially.
~ TM Brooks, TN

Dollar for dollar you guys are honest and reasonable. Keep your low key approach and the winners coming and you guys will take over the industry. I think you should get monitored if you aren't.
~ M. James, Philadelphia, PA

I won exactly $7,500 wagering just $300 a game on your selections last year (2000). Congratulations on doing what you do.
~ Sam Bosak, AZ

I used your plays for three years on The Handicapper's Report Card and never knew you had your own private service. I have always been impressed with your best bets. It is only September 15th and we are 6-2 on our college best bets already. I'm psyched... keep it up.
~ Paul M., Fort Worth, TX

You have changed my life completely. I have always lost gambling. The free two week deal you gave me back in October (2001) changed my luck and hope. I now actually have money to enjoy my free time with. Thanks so much.
~ Javier Hendera, FL

You are the best current college football handicapping service around. I have used many including the so called Top services (North Coast and Alleghenies Analysis) and you are the most consistent. Your Plays of the Week are paying for my sons' college education. They are only 6 and 9 years old so I hope you guys are around a long time.
~ Bob Weaver, FL

The Heisman Trophy Club's College Games of the Week are the strongest plays I have seen in years. You guys keep up the great work and don't change anything.
~ Bob Basset, NE

A Tradition of Winners!

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The Trophy Club is a Sports Handicapping Service providing predictions and recommendations to serious players. Membership in the club is open to anyone. Please see "Service Options" for our current rates.

If you are interested in being treated fairly and honestly, we may just be the handicappers you are looking for. Our history of client satisfaction is second to none.

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The Dominator of College Football

THE TROPHY CLUB is the only sports service that has been documented and monitored by The Sports Monitor, Inc. of Oklahoma City and ranked # 1 in the final season standings for FOUR independent seasons.

FOUR #1 NCAA Football Titles in Winning Percentage by The Sports Monitor, Inc. of Oklahoma City


#1 in College Football


#1 overall in winning percentage between 2002-2012 in college football

The Trophy Club has been owned and operated by Steve Yerks since 1998.

The Trophy Club football and basketball selections are "exclusively" marketed by the swami.com with Steve Yerks' written permission.

There is a group of individuals in Michigan claiming to be us.  Be careful not to fall victim to this illegal operation.  Do not be fooled by pretenders.

Once again this season, theswami.com will have exclusive marketing rights to our service.  There is only one Steve Yerks, and only one source for his plays.


Anyone selling services claiming to be a part of The Trophy Club should be reported for fraud.  It is illegal to share or sell The Trophy Club's award winning football or basketball selections.  If you are contacted by anyone (other than the swami.com) claiming to represent The Trophy Club please call 1-800-466-1682, or contact The Sports Monitor, Inc. of Oklahoma City to report the fraud at:


Visit theswami.com, or call 1 (800) 466-1682 today and you may be able to save up to 30% off your monthly and seasonal football packages through post season action.  When you enroll, you will receive the exact documented plays in football that both theswami.com and thesportsmonitor.com will verify.  Play with confidence knowing you have the correct plays and the BEST source of winning information working for you 24 hours a day.


Why has The Trophy Club so often been referred to as the most reliable college football service over the last decade?

1.  Is it because the The Trophy Club NEVER loses?  NO...  we have had 3 losing seasons.  But overall, even with a few disppointments, we are still far ahead of all competitors that are documented.  We won $5,000 last season in college and were (5-1) on our Top Plays.  We look to improve upon that and we are aiming for our 5th #1 overall title in 20013-20014.  Anyone can make up a record and say they are good.

2.  The Trophy Club is the only monitored and documented sports service ever to attain FOUR  separate #1 rankings in winning percentage in college football (2002-2003) (2004-2005) (2007-2008) (2010-2011) by The Sports Monitor, Inc. of Oklahoma City.  (This covers over 25 seasons of documentation.

 3.  The Trophy Club is extremely proud of its incredible (29-4) lifetime mark on its tow strongest college plays.  The 30-Star "THE PLAY" is now (16-1).  Next season's 30-star "THE PLAY" will be released in the fall of 2013.

Also note our Top 25-Star College Games of the Month selections are now a documented lifetime (13-3).

4.  The Trophy Club gives you quality and quantity.  Since 2002, besides hitting our extreme Top Plays, we have produced the most net winners in college football resulting in a net profit of over $75,000 based upon average wagers of $500.  This ranks #1 when compared to over 200 other sports services.


THE TROPHY CLUB captures another College #1 title, but this time it is in COLLEGE BASKETBALL!

THE TROPHY CLUB is proud to announce that our College basketball program entering the 2013-2014 season also has the #1 documented winning percentage between 2009-2010 and 2012-2013. In 2009-2010 we attained the #1 ranking in winning percentage and return-on-risk and the following seasons we have continued to win on the court.